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Dear feminists









sandwiches are not that difficult to make unless you are too stupid to make one, and show it by being a whiny little cunt. Lol.

If a sandwich isn’t that hard to make, why can’t a man get off his lazy ass and make one himself? Unless he is so stupid he…

Can’t you realize that it’s not only men making money and shaping the world? Women are out there busting their asses too. Trying to make money, pay for their house, pay for groceries… Women do just as much as men. If a woman can make a sandwich, so can a man.

Some women do work, all men are expected to, valued based on their performance at work, and devalued / discarded if they dont. That is a uniquely male burden. Further, while some women DO work, nearly every human accomplishment has been made by men. Not because they are more CAPABLE, but because they have been the ones we forced to do it for us. The point is that every conceivable convenience in a woman’s life has been provided by they hard work of men, yet we get indignant being asked to put a pre-sliced flap of meat between two pre-sliced bread pieces? Seriously? how privileged is THAT? 

In my area, in order to have a moderately successful, middle class family at least one parent will typically work 60-100 hours a week, more without a graduate degree. In addition they have constant industry studying to do to keep up with innovations etc. It is primarily men who do the work. Not exclusively, but most women, because they have the opportunity to raise children which men do not have, have opted out of the work force despite their frequent high education. Honestly, why would anyone who COULD avoid those working conditions choose to miss out on their family and be a slave? Also, typically when the men are not working, they are spending every second they can with their children, or spouses if they have none. Since they dont get much time they generally value it highly. What are the women doing? bitching, like this, on tumblr, going to the parks with their kids, yoga, swim lessons etc. So, if a guy comes home after a 15 hour day and says to his wife “could you make me a sandwich, honey” she damn well better wear a smile, because in no way is SHE HIS slave.

Where I live, women work just as much as men do, if not longer, so the women are just as tired as the men after work! A lot of the women I know do have kids, but they don’t stay home every day just to take care of them. Of course, when they get maternity leave, they do care for the child, but have you ever thought of how hard it is to take care of them? I don’t have any kids of my own, but my father tells me that as soon as he got home from work when I was a baby, he would happily take me and let my mother rest. Then he tells me just how demanding of a job it is to be a mother! So don’t you dare tell me that women lounge around all day, taking care of their children. And the reason men made most of the technological advances is because women had no rights to get an education.

My grandmother was a doctor. Phd and all. My college’s graduating class in 1940 was MOSTLY women, all of them engineers. Dont tell me women had no educational rights. Thats feminist revisions to history right there. Raising kids IS tough, but do you realize what your father was doing? Did you mother insist on explaining to you how hard your father works? Your dad was being good to your mother, and insisting that you respect her for her contributions, and rightly so. That doesnt mean its not a privilege. If you want to discuss rights to education, over 70% of graduated in the US this year will be women, yet most will not pursue a carrier after child birth. I am all in favor of everyone getting an education, but is there a reason we still have short lists, women only scholarships, and non-carrier oriented majors (such as gender studies) for students who took the place of potentially carrier minded ones? If women want to be respected for their efforts in the work force, shouldnt we respect men who want to raise their children? How can a woman, who would lose all respect for her husband if he stayed home and raised his kids, demand that he respect her wishes to have a carrier? its selfish, biased, and ridiculous. Yes, raising kids is work, but is sitting at the park, reading a book in the shade while your child plays on the swings, or chatting witht he other mothers while your kid practices for a play, or even playing at the zoo with your kid, really anything compared to working a 10-15 hour day of constant competition and stress, and separated from the family you are working for? Honestly? Men have been conditioned to concede to a life of toil for their families, while women, who were once in the same boat, have now been conditioned to expect a servant, and object to any expectations of themselves.

And yes, when the men around here come home they often “take over” if their family is not already asleep, so the women can take time off. Have you considered what that means for the men? Typical locally here, men wake up with the kids, make breakfast, get the kids ready while the wives wake up and get ready. Then they go to work and the women take kids to school. … time passes, man works all day, mom does… stuff…, wife picks up kids, plays with them for a few hours, dad comes home, takes over with kids so mom can take ANOTHER break, then kids go to sleep, mom goes to sleep and dad works for a few more hours. Rinse and repeat. On the weekends dads take over. So, balance is: kids go to school, do homework and play. Moms transport kids, make meals, and take about half the day off. Dads get up with the kids, feed them, work all day long, watch the kids in the evenings, then work half the night while their family sleeps, getting no breaks and half the sleep. THAT is the typical setup here. It would be unheard of for the men and the women to switch roles, the women wouldnt stand for it, yet you rarely hear the men complain. Want to know what DOES happen sometimes, though? Hand to god this happened 1 block away 3 years ago. Guy lost his job, came home, shot his family, then himself. Do you think this is more likely because men are inherently despicable people, or because he had been enslaved, pressured that his entire value, his families love, and his families survival all depend on his performance, and worked to the point where he broke, then simply discarded.

Men are willing servants, and I am disgusted to admit that my fellow women no longer are. Feminism, imo, has it backwards. The men are mostly decent people, and through feminism women have stopped being so. As a result, the tables are now tilted very much against men, and they are breaking. And what does feminism do? Feminism would claim that poor family as a victim of “the patriarchy” and another example of mens’ inherent evil. Feminism would add to the problem by creating more support systems for women, and suppressing support structures for people in desperate need like that man. Feminism would berate that man, as it does all men, adding to the pressure and eroding his sense of identity and demonizing the very pride which allows him to continue in near-inhumane circumstances for his family. 

There is a saying in Silicon Valley, if we were making shoes this would be illegal.

Right now, you’re only defending the men who have wives that stay at home. There are stay at home dads and moms that work their butts off for their job. There are parents who both work all day and leave their kids in daycare while they work. Yes, there are stay at home moms and dads that work all day. There are many situations where the woman will make dinner for the man after work. But the original post is about men making fun of women. “Make me a sandwich,” is what it was referring too, and that is incredibly sexist. It was saying that women belong in the kitchen, or taking care of her children, and that is not the case.

There are nearly NO women who work for their family and have a father who raises the children. Nearly none. Do you know why? Because nearly all women will not respect a man who stays at home and raises their children. There ARE families where both parents work, but is that really the origin of the “sandwich issue”? no. the problem is that women object to being considered a servant, in any way to anyone, where as men have no problem with it and recognize that we are EACHOTHER’s servants. I mean, honestly, no fucking wonder divorce is through the roof. And initiated by whom? overwhelmingly by women. 

"make me a sandwich" isnt sexist. Its offensive if you are the sort of woman who cannot stomach the idea of not being the supreme entitled ruler of all just by nature of your genitals, but its certainly in no way sexist. I think you dont understand the meaning of the word "sexist". It would be sexist to say "only women are able to make sandwiches" or "women cant do anything but make sandwiches", but no, "make me a sandwich" doesnt fit the bill, and its offensive that this would even be a sticking point for women. If you can’t find any real issues, perhaps your ideology is done.

The Legend Of Zelda 

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This is the Wind Waker!  It is a baton of sorts that was used long ago when the people played music in prayer to the gods.  In those days, simply using it allowed one to borrow the power of the gods, but I do not know if it still works.  Even so, I thought it might be of some use to you.  Perhaps you should try using it.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the tenth installment in The Legend of Zelda series.  In the game, Link initially sets out to rescue his kidnapped younger sister, Aryll.  Through his journey, he learns of the returning Ganondorf, and traverses through dungeons and temples to gain power necessary to defeat the Evil King. 

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Beautiful Digital Video Game Artwork

By Justin Currie | Find some of these prints for sale via Society6

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Some of these are so awkward, and some are great, and there’s that one with the dad that’s just 100% heartbreaking.

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